Castle Clash

Castle Clash – Real Time Strategic Game


Castle Clash is an amazing example of a RTS game. Employing a mix of social gaming, grinding elements and a competitive tower defense look to it, it brings amazing qualities to the table considering it’s free to play. Though free, you can however purchase gems to make your life in the game a little easier. The graphics in the game is interesting and built in a 2D environment that will definitely appeal to most gamers as they delve into the game. Quirky and cute, this is definitely a game you’d want to try out on those weekends where you’re looking for something to fill up your time with.

Lets start with the graphics of Castle Clash game. The graphics in this game is cartoonish and is based on a fantasy-themed world where mages, wizards and knights exist. However, the game has little quirks that might amuse you. For example, the heads of the women characters are seemingly bigger then their bodies. On top of that, the mages also make an amusing groan when they die. Those aside, this game doesn’t bring much to the table compared to what other real time strategy tower defense games but makes up for that in other aspects of the game.

The game play of Castle Clash revolves around developing your base and recruiting an army to defend your castle and crush the castle of your enemies, as the name suggests. It’s fairly simple. You first put up walls to defend your town, then build barracks to train troops, get a town hall to manage your town and a gold mine to well, mine gold! An interesting thing in this game is also the mana factory. Both the gold mines and the mana factories are the main resources in the game. Over time, these will slowly regenerate and you’ll have to use these two resources to train units, build more buildings and upgrade them. You can also receive resources to hire and upgrade heroes which you can only get from winning battles. However, you don’t have to win battles if you invest a little money to buy some gems.

Then there’s the aspect of Castle Clash that might not appeal to the gamer community but is necessary. Gems, the currency in Castle Clash can be purchased with real cash, which in turn can then be exchanged for in-game boosts and items. For example, the building time in the game will increase exponentially and one of the many ways you can build faster and more efficient is by hiring another goblin builder with gems. You can also accelerate the building time with gems if you can’t wait for it. So give this game a chance! This is the only aspect of Castle Clash that requires gamers to pay and they don’t even force it!

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